DestinE Community

The initiative actively involves users and community members in the co-design, development and use of Destination Earth. By joining the DestinE community, members will receive regular newsletters, summarising the latest progress and updates on the project as well as information on upcoming events, procurement opportunities, and much more. If you are also interested in becoming part of DestinE community, fill out the form below and start engaging!

Become part of the DestinE co-designing process

The ambitious goal of building a Digital Twin of our planet requires collaboration. By adopting a user-centric approach, DestinE seeks to meet needs of a wide range of users and promote knowledge and expertise sharing.

Policy & decision makers respond to the needs of a society that is under incredible pressures.

DestinE supports them by providing data-driven tools to make better informed decisions.

Scientists highlight the state-of-the-art models and technologies and design a roadmap for scientific exploration to advance our knowledge of the Earth system.

DestinE builds upon worldwide scientific exploitation to develop cutting-edge capabilities.

Industry provide innovative technical solutions as well as a robust and scalable operationalization of services.

DestinE provides several opportunities for collaboration, through both procured activities and in-kind contributions.

Why do we need an engaged Community?

By establishing a strong (both in terms of numbers of members and interactions) and vibrant DestinE Community, we aim to inform the successful and well targeted development and initial operations of DestinE as well as guide the evolution of the initiative in later phases.

As many of the communities related to DestinE exist already, our approach is to harness their potential and build upon their foundations.

Not only we aspire to capitalise on their collective knowledge, but we also seek to align with the interests and needs of their members to drive the formation of a wide and diverse DestinE Community.

DestinE Community will lead to the creation of a Community of Practice of Digital Twins of Earth Systems where continuous interactions amongst different types of users will enhance the development and improvement of DestinE capabilities, but also catalyse cross-sectorial collaborations and offer opportunities for continuous exchange.

DestinE community in numbers

Explore the growth of the DestinE community through these two insightful graphs. The first graph illustrates the overall growth of community membership over time. 

DestinE community members cumulative monthly growth


Meanwhile, the second graph offers a breakdown of membership by country.

DestinE number of community members by country

How do we involve the Community?

The initiative is planning several events to raise awareness, update on progress, engage communities and offer resources to ensure a continuous dialogue between developers and users is in place.

This section of the website is dedicated to collating such resources and keeping you always up to date with opportunities to get involved.

Events, hackathons & webinars

DestinE services & discussion forum

Share & propose topics of interest

Resources, tools, & training material

How to get involved?

Check the DestinE Journal and News Section

Stay up to date about the DestinE development and check the news portal for job opportunities, latest funding calls, upcoming events.

Participate in our Events

Gain insights into the latest DestinE developments by joining events and workshops, collaborative design sessions, hackathons, webinars, and conference sessions.

Submit Proposals for funding

Explore, monitor and respond to procurement opportunities from ESA, ECMWF, and EUMETSAT and actively shape the ongoing development of DestinE. Become a Use Case and get early access to cutting-edge features and functionalities, contribute to developing the technical component of DestinE.

Want to learn more about DestinE capabilities and benefits for different stakeholders?

Watch this video for a brief introduction to DestinE
Read more about the DestinE components
Discover the first selection of use cases in the DestinE Catalogue
Explore the posters, flyers, videos, infographics and more in the Communications Kit

Are you ready to join?

Over time, a DestinE Community will eventually form, strengthen, and grow organically. Joining the community now, in the early development stage, gives you the opportunity to have a say on what the project will deliver in the future and learn from each other how to address complex environmental and climate challenges.

DestinE aims to involve diverse end users to co-design, validate, develop and use the Components’ capabilities in an open, inclusive and transparent environment.

If you are interested in becoming part of DestinE Community and contribute with your feedback and expertise, fill out the form below and start engaging!

DestinE Community provides a unique opportunity to:
  • Shape the future of DestinE

  • Share knowledge, experience, and expertise

  • Innovate and generate new ideas

  • Co-design, demonstrate and promote DestinE’s capabilities

  • Discuss and address common challenges together

  • Network and build relationships opening the way to potential new opportunities and collaborations

Interested in learning more?

Visit the DestinE's Communications Kit to access posters, infographics, videos, flyers and more materials showcasing DestinE's capabilities and the benefits for different stakeholders!