DestinE Components

Destination Earth has three core components which are being developed by one of the Entrusted Entities. Here you can learn more about each of these components and how they will work together to provide reliable and actionable scenario predictions.

Are you ready to join?

Over time, a DestinE Community will eventually form, strengthen, and grow organically. Joining the community now, in the early development stage, gives you the opportunity to have a say on what the project will deliver in the future and learn from each other how to address complex environmental and climate challenges.

DestinE aims to involve diverse end users to co-design, validate, develop and use the Components’ capabilities in an open, inclusive and transparent environment.

If you are interested in becoming part of DestinE Community and contribute with your feedback and expertise, fill out the form below and start engaging!

DestinE Community provides a unique opportunity to:
  • Shape the future of DestinE

  • Share knowledge, experience, and expertise

  • Innovate and generate new ideas

  • Co-design, demonstrate and promote DestinE’s capabilities

  • Discuss and address common challenges together

  • Network and build relationships opening the way to potential new opportunities and collaborations