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Leveraging Community Insights for Enhanced DEUC Contributions to DestinE

March 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CET

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The first DestinE Community Meeting was held on 26 March at 12:00 CET. This event marked a pivotal moment for engaging with the DEUC team, tasked with integrating user recommendations into the evolving DestinE platform.

The DestinE (DESP) Use Cases Project, DEUC in short, represents a focused segment of the broader DestinE initiative. One of the main activities of DEUC is to engage with the DestinE community in relation to the DestinE Platform. Therefore it uniquely benefits from the rich tapestry of insights and experiences across the entire DestinE community. This meeting provided an in-depth exploration of the following key areas:

  • The DEUC vision: Uncover the guiding purpose and ambitions behind the collection of user recommendations, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and responsive DestinE platform.
  • Community Landscape: Understand the dynamic ecosystem of the DestinE community, identifying current challenges, opportunities, and the collective journey towards shared goals.
  • Strategic Approach: Delve into the strategic framework designed to nurture an environment brimming with engagement, support, and collaboration, enabling every member to flourish.
  • Foundational Principles and Processes: Discover the core values and methodologies that sustain the DEUC mission and the broader community’s ethos, ensuring a cohesive and purpose-driven collaboration.
  • Communities of Practice: Learn about the establishment of specialized groups to deepen collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement within specific areas of interest, driving forward the mission with focused expertise.
  • Engagement Opportunities: Find out how you can actively participate, bringing your unique insights to the table and contributing to the ongoing development and direction of the DestinE Platform and DestinE community fabric.

This session was designed to be much more than a simple briefing. DEUC is committed to creating a space for meaningful dialogue and interactive engagement.

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March 26
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CET
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