What is the Climate Change Adaptation Digital Twin?

calendar_month April 11, 2024 visibility 7 views timelapse 1 minute

The Climate Change Adaptation Digital Twin (Climate DT), delivered by ECMWF, is the first attempt to operationalise multi-decadal climate projections at fine resolution (5km to 10km) providing earth-system and impact sector information at the spatial and temporal scales where the impacts of climate change are felt. 

The Climate DT will produce updated climate system projections for the decades ahead every year, whereas current climate projections are updated every several years. These updated climate projections will serve to investigate the impact of policy decisions or unprecedented events through dedicated bespoke simulations.

Finland’s CSC leads the international consortium behind the Climate DT, which will operate on some of the largest supercomputers in Europe thanks to the strategic access granted by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.