Connected Urban Twins

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Connected Urban Twins

January 1, 2021

December 31, 2025

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In the Connected Urban Twins (CUT) project, the cities of Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich are jointly developing urban data platforms and digital twins for integrated urban development. Urban digital twins digitally map our cities and enable “what if…” scenarios for livable and sustainable urban environments. With networked data in urban digital twins, city developers and citizens can better understand the complex context of urban development and make more informed decisions.

CUT’s project focus is on the conception of urban digital twins, the development of municipal digital infrastructure and the data sovereignty of the project cities. This includes new tools and technologies, as well as innovative use cases for urban development.

Data-driven use cases for sustainable urban planning encompass topics such as social transformation, energy and climate. These tools and models form the basis for processing a wide variety of use cases, such as daycare network planning in Leipzig, climate-neutral district development in Munich or urban development monitoring in Hamburg.

CUT also addresses questions and establishes processes in the context of data governance and has initiated DIN SPEC 91607 as a theoretical foundation for the development of “Digital Twins for Cities and Municipalities.”

The intensive cross-city transfer of knowledge and experiences characterizes the model character of CUT: Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich develop solutions together that can also show other cities and municipalities in Germany new paths. To share the project knowledge, the technical components of the urban data platforms and digital twins are made available as standardized open-source solutions via the Open CoDe platform. Thus, the project results form a foundation for the further growth of urban digital twins beyond the project boundaries.

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