A conversation on DestinE on EUMETSAT’s Podcast Series

calendar_month March 13, 2024 visibility 272 views timelapse 2 minutes

Destination Earth (DestinE) took center stage in the latest episode of EUMETSAT’s podcast series. Lothar Wolf (EUMETSAT Head of Digital Solutions and Programme Manager for Destination Earth) engaged in a captivating 20-minute conversation about the initiative with the host, Neil Fletcher (EUMETSAT Digital Media and Outreach Manager). 

In this episode, the conversation delves into the intricacies of DestinE, its objectives, challenges, and transformative impact. Wolf elaborated on the digital twin concept, emphasizing its role in predicting atmospheric impacts, microclimates in cities, and responding to emergencies. The episode also covered the role and potential of the Data Lake, the DestinE component developed by EUMETSAT which will handle all the data generated not only by the Digital Twins but also provided by external sources, merging it all into a single interactive ecosystem.  

Tune In to Explore DestinE’s Journey 

Whether you’re already familiar with DestinE or discovering it for the first time, this podcast episode is a great opportunity to understand the vision and accomplishments of this groundbreaking initiative by giving you insights directly from one of its key architects. Join Neil Fletcher and Lothar Wolf in this engaging conversation to explore the exciting developments of Destination Earth. 

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