DestinE Platform: from Beta Testing to the upcoming Official Launch 

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Following the closure of the Beta Testing phase of the DestinE Platform, conducted from 29 April to 17 May, the official launch event of the Platform will be taking place on 10 June 2024. The event will be hosted at the LUMI Supercomputer Center in Kajaani, Finland. 

Beta Testing Phase Overview 

The primary goal of the Beta Testing phase, opened to expert as well as non-expert users, was to introduce early users to the discovery, access and basic usage of the DestinE Climate Digital Twin and ERA5 data, and to gather valuable feedback. 

During this phase, 12 operational services for data access, data manipulation and data visualisation were made available as the platform’s initial building blocks. Over the three-week Beta Testing period, we had 715 registered users and 3,863 unique visitors on the platform. The testing phase was structured to focus on different aspects of the user journey. Initially, users explored features such as registration, data access, and visualisation. This was followed by an emphasis on data processing capabilities. Finally, the focus shifted to expanding data offerings and optimising platform and network performance. 

User Feedback and Improvements 

Feedback was collected through an online survey and a closure event on 17 May. These insights are instrumental in refining and enhancing the DestinE Platform in preparation for the official launch. 

The Beta Testing phase provided an engaging and stimulating experience for users. Participants gave good marks for the overall experience, platform responsiveness, and the quality of available information. The registration process and user interface design received the highest scores, indicating strong user satisfaction in these areas. 

Ongoing Enhancements 

Key improvements include services upgrades (e.g. adding new datasets) and the addition of new services, as well as operational improvements, that encompass upgrading infrastructure, optimising performance, and fine-tuning procedures and performance monitoring. 

Starting 10 June, the DestinE Platform will continue to evolve, introducing new services and improvements regularly. 

Follow the countdown to the DestinE Platform opening at 

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