Creating interactive DestinE stories through data visualisation

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DestinE’s ambition is to make intricate data understandable for users with varying levels of expertise. The goal, as articulated by Alia Space Systems Technical Director Arturo Montieri (Alia Space Systems) and Tech Lead Cristina Arcari (Alia Space Systems), is to facilitate the visualisation of complex data, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies of climate change. 

A key aspect of DestinE is the seamless integration of data visualisation into its framework. The Digital Earth Architecture (DEA) serves as a versatile platform, allowing users to craft interactive stories that blend DestinE’s rich datasets with their own. This integration enhances the overall user experience, enabling the creation of personalised and impactful visualisations. 

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Data visualisation within DestinE is not just a tool but an integral part of the user journey. Through interactive presentations and visualisation tools, users gain awareness of the impact of climate change on both local and global scales. The complex models are interacted with through a simpler interface, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience.

DestinE users will have the ability to craft compelling stories within the DEA. This involves combining DestinE data with personal datasets to create interactive presentations that can be easily shared on the web. Additionally, users benefit from a dedicated workspace within the DestinE Platform cloud infrastructure, streamlining data storage and management.

Empowering users to personalise their visualisations is a key feature within DestinE. By combining DestinE data with personal datasets, users can enhance the relevance and specificity of their visualisations. This not only fosters personalisation but also encourages data sharing within the DestinE community. In terms of accessibility, DEA stands as a content creation platform, eliminating the need for users to write code. This simplicity ensures that non-expert users can effortlessly share engaging visualisations with others, aligning with the ease of access principles central to DestinE.

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However, with innovation come challenges. Managing the substantial volume of high-resolution data generated by the DestinE ecosystem poses a significant hurdle, requiring solutions for both processing and visualisation to guarantee a seamless user experience.

Looking ahead, contributors envision data storytelling and visualisation as a game-changer for the DestinE community. By democratising accessibility to climate, earth observation, and statistical data, DestinE empowers citizens and policymakers to comprehend the impacts of climate change effectively.

As DestinE continues its journey, data visualisation emerges as a pivotal tool seamlessly integrated to make climate awareness accessible to all. The collaborative efforts of contributors and the DestinE initiative pave the way for a transformative experience, making crucial climate data comprehensible and actionable for everyone.

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