Early access to Destination Earth Data Lake documentation

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DEDL Documentation Banner

As part of the broader Destination Earth project, the DestinE Data Lake is making notable progress. Following the successful acceptance of the initial delivery of services in the previous year, the team is now facilitating access to the project’s documentation for the community. This step is a testament to the project’s commitment to transparency and user engagement.

The documentation is accessible here, providing a comprehensive guide to the Data Lake’s services. It encompasses essential components such as Discovery and Data Access and Big Data Processing Services.

This documentation is designed to equip users with the necessary information to fully utilise the Data Lake’s capabilities. As the DestinE project evolves, the documentation will be updated to reflect new procedures and functionalities. Users are encouraged to regularly consult these resources to keep up to date with the latest advancements.

With the official opening of the Data Lake services anticipated later this year, this documentation serves as a valuable resource for prospective users to acquaint themselves with the platform’s functionalities. For professionals and practitioners in Earth observation and environmental data analysis, the release of this documentation presents an opportunity to engage with the DestinE Data Lake services ahead of its official launch. We encourage you to explore the documentation and prepare for the forthcoming advancements in data accessibility and innovation.

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