ECMWF brings DestinE DTs to EuroHPC Summit 2024 

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Chair of EuroHPC JU Governing Board Rafał Duczmal speaks at the Plenary during the opening session. Credit: EuroHPC JU.

The EuroHPC Summit 2024 in Antwerp spotlighted DestinE as a prime example of European collaboration in leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities. ECMWF participated with a significant delegation that showcased its innovative application of Earth system models, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in developing the first digital twins of DestinE, addressing weather-induced extremes and climate change adaptation. 

Discussions at the summit delved into the strategic partnership between ECMWF and EuroHPC, the need for training and education across Europe, and the technology challenges and needs to deploy the digital twins on the EuroHPC systems. Speakers included hosts Chair of the EuroHPC JU Governing Board Rafał Duczmal and EuroHPC Executive Director Anders Jensen.

Anders Jensen during his opening talk at the EuroHPC Summit 2024. Credit EuroHPC JU. 

ECMWF delegation included Florian Pappenberger, Deputy Director-General at ECMWF, along with Irina Sandu, Director for DestinE at ECMWF, Nils Wedi, Digital Technology Lead, and Thomas Geenen, Technology Partnership Lead, who participated in various panels and sessions focusing on the implementation of DestinE’s digital twins in some of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe. 

The ECMWF delegation speaking at a panel during the event. Credit: EuroHPC JU.
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