ECMWF is hiring talent to develop machine learning-based Earth system simulations 

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In a significant move towards advancing artificial intelligence (AI) in climate and weather simulations, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is hiring scientists and technology specialists. These roles aim to integrate machine learning (ML) into Earth system modelling, aligning with DestinE’s objectives. This initiative responds to the transformative impact of ML/AI in weather forecasting and climate simulations, propelling Europe towards a pioneering ML Earth system model.

ECMWF’s strategic focus for DestinE’s second phase (2024-2026) includes the recruitment of talent for roles such as software engineers, ML training specialists, and scientists with expertise in hydrological forecasting and data-driven verification forecasts. The organisation aims to bolster DestinE’s ability to provide enhanced tools for informed adaptation policies amid the accelerating impacts of climate change.

Learn more about these exciting opportunities on ECMWF’s website.

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