Empowering community collaboration in Earth system modelling: highlights from the 1st DestinE User eXchange Workshop

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The first DestinE User eXchange workshop kicked off the “open stakeholder dialogue,” creating a dynamic forum for over 300 participants from 30+ countries to create vibrant discussions and form a thriving community around DestinE. The event highlighted the wide-ranging interest in DestinE and its potential to bridge diverse sectors and regions, underscoring the initiative’s broad appeal and collaborative spirit.

Empowering Community Collaboration in Earth System Modelling: Highlights from the 1st DestinE User eXchange Workshop

Figure 1 – Information session (part 1)

DestinE: a digital model of the Earth for policymaking

The event highlighted that the DestinE initiative aims to craft a precise digital model of the Earth for simulating phenomena, analysing scenarios, and aiding in climate change adaptation in support of EU policy goals.

Lively panel discussions unveiled the compelling DestinE use cases, demonstrating DestinE’s unique potential to cater to diverse user needs while emphasising the reliability of the information provided by Earth System models within the Digital Twins.

These innovative use cases highlight DestinE’s potential to address global issues, including climate change, environmental preservation, and energy consumption. DestinE is committed to engaging with its community to facilitate use case inquiries, enhance user interfaces, demonstrate business impact and strengthen interoperability.

Empowering Community Collaboration in Earth System Modelling: Highlights from the 1st DestinE User eXchange Workshop

Figure 2 – Panel 1

Collaboration and innovation: key insights from the 1st DestinE User eXchange Workshop Community Survey

The comprehensive survey results underscore the key role of collaboration in the DestinE initiative, with notable community commitment and enthusiasm. Most of the respondents believe that vibrant engagement in energy and climate communities is a top priority.

The community wishes to keep up with all the important updates, delivered via a newsletter, a dedicated DestinE website and bi-yearly events, an outcome which displays an interest in ensuring regular touchpoints while allowing time for substantive discussions.

The survey results clearly indicate a compelling desire for active participation in the DestinE initiative through the review and co-development of services, implying a greater inclination towards engaging in meaningful and impactful activities.

Figure 3 – Question: How would you like to get involved into DestinE?

Discover the future of Earth phenomena simulation and climate change adaptation with DestinE

In conclusion, the recent event showcased the various components of the system and their potential to provide valuable data for governments to make informed decisions on their investments and policy proposals. By engaging users and providing services for a wide range of user groups, the initiative aims to create a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about this exciting initiative by accessing the full event report, exploring the slides, and watching the event video recording!

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