Exploring the relationship between the DestinE Platform and the Destination Earth Data Lake (DEDL) 

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The DestinE ecosystem leverages innovative interactive technologies to help stakeholders visualise a more sustainable future. The interoperability of the platform allows users to engage in a frictionless navigation experience across the system’s core components, specifically transitioning from the DestinE Platform to the DestinE Data Lake (DEDL).  

The architecture of the DestinE system, specifically how the DestinE Platform and DEDL communicate and interact with each other, enables users to exploit data from different sources in formats that are optimised for their purposes and allow optimised resource usage within the broad range of services exposed. 

DestinE Platform & DEDL Connection 

The European Space Agency (ESA) is responsible for the development and implementation of the DestinE Platform as the entry point for all DestinE users. Configured as a user-friendly, secure, and open architecture, the DestinE Platform provides users with access to an ecosystem of services related to data exploitation, user workflow, data processing, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.  

From the platform portal users can register and initiate their DestinE journey, discovering and accessing all the unique elements of the DestinE environment from one place. 

EUMETSAT is responsible for the DEDL which offers discovery, data access and near data processing services. The DestinE data portfolio will be regularly refreshed and will be evolving, responding to DestinE community needs.  Beyond housing DestinE Digital Twins (DT) data related to climate adaptation and weather-induced extremes, the DEDL provides access to federated datasets as well, consisting of data from DestinE, ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, Copernicus, and further federated data sources.  

The DEDL envisions a future where DestinE community demanded datasets, including the hosting of some ML Training datasets, environment information, and reports, provide stakeholders with data and information without unnecessary duplication and facilitate efficient data access coupled with near data processing. The evolutionary ability of the Data Lake to access and fuse data ranging from observations to simulations in a harmonised way is what separates the DEDL from other initiatives. 

Through the DestinE Platform, users can access the DestinE Data Lake in two ways: 

  • Indirect access platform services make use of Data Lake services for accessing and processing desired data directly through the DestinE Platform.  
  • Direct access Data Lake services can be accessed from the Platform and used to take advantage of the advanced large-scale processing capabilities near the source of DestinE’s data. 

The DestinE ecosystem is poised to revolutionise the way stakeholders approach sustainability challenges. By seamlessly integrating the DestinE Platform and the DestinE Data Lake, this system not only ensures an intuitive and enriching user experience but also enables the creation of services supporting decision-making through robust data integration and advanced processing techniques. As it continues to evolve, the DestinE ecosystem will undoubtedly become a cornerstone for transformative environmental strategies, offering stakeholders a powerful tool to forecast, analyse, and respond to the complex dynamics of our changing planet. 

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