Understanding DestinE’s Digital Twins

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Understanding DTs

NOTE: this is an excerpt of an explainer article that was originally published on the ECMWF website.

In a recent explainer page published by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), they go in-depth about the concept, Destination Earth’s (DestinE) first two high-priority Digital Twins and its main features.

The development of a digital twin of the Earth system is at the core of the ambitious EU initiative Destination Earth (DestinE), implemented by ECMWF, ESA and EUMETSAT, under the leadership of the Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG-CNECT).

DestinE aims to set up a new type of information system, encompassing unprecedented levels of detail, quality and interactivity, to support society and policymakers to better respond and adapt to the environmental challenges posed by extreme events and climate change.

But what exactly is a digital twin and what are the specifics of this notion when it relates to creating a digital replica of the Earth system?

Check out the rest of the article in ECMWF’s one-page explainer,
“Understanding DestinE’s Digital Twins”.

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