How Use Cases empower the DestinE Community to shape the future

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Each of the procured DestinE Use Cases now have an individual dedicated page on the website, which can be found in the Use Cases section, available here. These pages offer proposal summaries and highlight the innovative strides each Use Case brings to the table. 

But what exactly are Use Cases and how do they impact the DestinE Community? Let’s dig deeper and discover the full story of these innovative pioneering opportunities. 

The Journey of a DestinE Use Case 

It begins with a call, a beckoning to institutions, academia, and industry experts to propose Use Cases that will rigorously test DestinE’s core components — the Core Service Platform, the Data Lake, and the Digital Twin Engine. This call is a catalyst that allows innovators to weave their ideas into the very fabric of DestinE. 

For example, “The DestinE use cases procured by EUMETSAT’s particular focus is demonstrating the potential of the DestinE Data Lake (DEDL) provided services. These use cases will showcase capabilities available within the DestinE DEDL and help users understand the services provided by the component,” said Computer Systems Engineer Danaële Puechmaille (EUMETSAT). 

Once proposals come in, a meticulous selection guarantees that the most innovative and exciting proposals are accepted, those that provide a harmonious blend of technical prowess and managerial acumen. The chosen Use Cases stand out for their well-balanced composition, showcasing a convergence of diverse competencies essential for the comprehensive validation of each core component. 

“These use cases are the pioneers of the first applications to be implemented […] The distinctive feature of DestinE Use Cases lies in their shaping the future of climate analysis through a unique synergy of necessary technical and management skills,” said Deputy Project Manager for the DestinE Initiative Jolanda Patruno (RHEA Group for ESA). 

These selected consortia gain a coveted privilege — early access to DestinE functionalities and data. This is not merely a technological preview, it is a golden ticket to becoming a DestinE pioneer. Individual users within the consortium, whether from academia or industry, now have the opportunity to explore, test, and co-design the destiny of DestinE. 

Procured in separate batches by ESA, ECMWF and EUMETSAT, the Use Cases are coordinated to avoid redundancy and ensure a nuanced and thorough validation process. 

Co-design and interaction with users are at the core of the initiative. We have therefore implemented use cases from the earliest stages of the initiative. This really makes a difference in developing and demonstrating applications adapted to the users’ needs,” said Destination Earth Applications Partnership Lead Jörn Hoffmann (ECMWF). 

Beyond developing the technical implementations, a vibrant community emerges. The Use Case developers do not operate in isolation, they become part of a collaborative tapestry, engaging not just with DestinE’s provided data but with each other, expanding their networks and enriching their projects. 

“I’ve observed genuine enthusiasm among participants, there’s a shared understanding that they are contributing to something significant. The team’s eagerness to collaborate, share information, and build connections sets a positive foundation for successful project realisation within this burgeoning community,” Ms. Patruno added. 

The Use Cases do not merely exist in the present; they cast a ripple effect into the future of DestinE. Their forward-looking objectives address the complexity of delivering valuable information to diverse users. These pioneers contribute not only to the prediction and simulation of weather and climate-related effects but also to the continuous evolution and improvement of DestinE’s design. 

As DestinE evolves, the Use Cases will leave an indelible mark on its infrastructure. Each one a protagonist in this narrative, contributing to a story that transcends technology — a story of collaboration, innovation, and collective commitment to shaping the destiny of our planet. 

“It’s very important for the DestinE initiative that a broad community contributes to its development. This will enrich the project with a wide range of expertise, foster innovation and creativity, while leading to more robust and adaptable solutions. […] To all the experts and developers out there, we invite you to join the DestinE Community to not miss any opportunity to contribute to this groundbreaking project!” concluded Digital Twin Earth Application Scientist and Use Cases Procurement Lead Claudia Vitolo (ESA). 

Find out more about the selected Use Cases here and stay updated on future procurement opportunities here

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