Video Series: ECMWF team for DestinE introduces the digital twins and the Digital TwinEngine

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The ECMWF DestinE “video capsules” features a series of interactive interviews presenting the different
roles and the key elements ECMWF is entrusted to deliver in the initiative, in collaboration with many
partners across Europe. ECMWF is in charge of delivering the first two high-priority digital twins, on
Weather-induced Extremes and Climate Change Adaptation and the Digital Twin Engine, the software
environment allowing the complex operations of DestinE’s digital twins in some of the largest
supercomputers in Europe, thanks to the special acces granted by EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

Watch the videos:

Irina Sandu, ECMWF Director of Destinaton Earth explains the role of ECMWF in DestinE and gives insights about the initiative and the digital twins on Weather-induced Extremes and Climate Change adaptation as well as the Digital Twin Engine, the software environment needed to power the digital twins.

ECMWF Scientist Sebastian Milinski tells us more about “The Digital Twin on Climate Adaptation”, that will produce multi-decadal simulations of the past and future climate, at high resolutions and from global to regional and national levels.

ECMWF Scientist Benoit Vanniere introduces “the Weather-Induced Extremes Digital Twin” and in particular the global component, forecasting the weather a few days ahead, at very high resolution and at the global scale, including information at local scales for the sectors most exposed to weather extremes.

ECMWF scientist Mariana Clare highlights the key “role of Machine Learning in DestinE”. For example, using a probabilistic neural network will provide the uncertainty information necessary to the forecast avoiding costly computing operations.

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