Supporting policy and decision-makers in decreasing pollution and optimising routes in polar regions.

In a nutshell

  • The complexity of polar operations and the consequences of climate change have increased the need for innovative tools that support the planning, execution and decision-making in this field.
  • Thanks to DestinE capabilities, the Use Case aims to provide information to support different types of decisions taken by policy-makers and operators on the ships navigating in polar regions.
  • It is expected that such information will improve strategic decision-making, optimise routes planning to decrease emissions, and help policy-makers to protect the environment in the polar region.

Technical Overview

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In the unforgiving and dynamic terrain of the polar regions and Baltic Sea, operators and policymakers face a multitude of challenges that the DESIDE Use Case is committed to addressing. Navigating these frigid waters requires precise, high-resolution information to ensure the safety of life and property while minimising environmental impact. However, current models often lack the spatial and temporal resolution necessary for effective decision-making, especially near-shore and in dense ice conditions. The quality and consistency of information are further compromised by varying geographic coverage and a reliance on manual processes, such as the drawing of sea ice charts. Additionally, the diverse needs of our user community, from fishing vessels to policy strategists, demand a tailored approach that current systems fail to provide adequately. By leveraging the DestinE Platform’s advanced forecasting and the precision of machine learning algorithms, DESIDE aims to revolutionise the way we approach safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship in polar operations. This initiative is not just about overcoming the existing shortcomings in data resolution, automation, and forecasting accuracy; it’s about setting a new standard for polar operations that aligns with our commitment to a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.


DestinE Solution

The project will deliver multi-tiered products tailored for diverse time frames to support Execution Support (aiding maritime navigation with crucial real-time data on sea ice), Planning Support (equipping ship operators with essential information for polar voyage planning), and Strategy and Policy Support (offering insights on the long-term impacts of climate change on polar strategies and policies): short-term forecasts (days) for immediate navigational execution, mid-term outlooks (weeks) for voyage preparation, and long-term projections (seasons) for strategic policymaking.

The workflow to support these decisions encompasses:

  • Data Ingestion: Acquiring a comprehensive dataset from DestinE, which includes historical, present, and forecasted information on various maritime and atmospheric conditions, alongside Sentinel-1 SAR imagery.
  • Data Processing: Transforming raw data into actionable intelligence tailored to different stakeholders — ranging from seafarers to policy-makers — through advanced modelling, machine learning, and algorithmic analysis.
  • Product Creation: Generating a suite of information tools, such as dynamic sea ice charts, ship class-specific risk assessments based on the IMO Polaris algorithm, and optimised routing solutions to enhance nautical performance while reducing environmental impact.
  • Dissemination: Distributing these insights through user-centric platforms. For instance, the IcySea App provides near-real-time forecasts to assist with immediate operational needs. In contrast, the Polar Dashboard and Polar TEP serve more extended range planning and analytical purposes for ship operators and policy strategists, offering scenarios and forecasts to aid in future-oriented decision-making.”


The DESIDE Use Case is poised to make a transformative impact on polar operations and society by directly addressing the critical challenges and leveraging the innovative solutions provided through DestinE. With a keen focus on increased safety, pollution reduction, and the protection of sensitive environmental areas, the use case promises to significantly enhance the strategic and tactical decision-making capabilities of those navigating and managing polar and Baltic Sea operations.

Accurate, high-resolution data and predictive insights will greatly enhance the safety of life and property at sea, reducing the risks associated with ice navigation. By providing more efficient route optimisation, DESIDE will not only cut fuel consumption and emissions, contributing to the global fight against climate change, but also ensure the protection of vulnerable polar ecosystems. The integration of DestinE Platform data and machine learning algorithms will enhance the creation and dissemination of sea ice charts and other navigational tools, while significantly improving the spatial and temporal resolution of crucial data.

Moreover, the comprehensive support provided across operational, planning, and strategic levels will empower a diverse user community, ranging from ice navigators and offshore operators to policy strategists and environmental assessors. This initiative will provide a packaged, accessible form of information tailored to the specific needs and experiences of each user group, ensuring that everyone from the most seasoned ice analysts to those with limited experience can make informed decisions.



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