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DestinE Platform Beta Testing Closure Event

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming Closure Event marking the conclusion of the Beta Testing phase of the DestinE Platform. Join us for an engaging and interactive session featuring informative presentations by the DestinE Platform Team.

NWP at the crossroads: How the Quiet, Digital and Data-Driven Revolutions are shaping the future of NWP

Director of DestinE Irina Sandu (ECMWF) will lead this episode of the European Meteorological Society's webinar series, delving into the revolutions shaping Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP).

Numerical weather prediction (NWP) stands at a pivotal juncture, influenced  by three transformative revolutions. These revolutions, akin to converging roads, are reshaping the landscape of Earth system prediction.

Innovation Challenge

2nd DestinE Platform Innovation Prize – Ideating the Impact of the DestinE Platform

This challenge invites you to conceptualise a service powered by DestinE, drawing inspiration from a narrative set in 2050. We seek innovative ideas that, while not necessarily feasible today, are imaginatively rich and could pave the way to a better future. Join us in envisioning a remarkable 2050, armed with the solutions to today’s challenges.

EuroHPC Summit 2024

Antwerp, Belgium

Destination Earth is set to feature prominently at the EuroHPC Summit 2024, scheduled for 18-21 March in Antwerp, Belgium. The EuroHPC Summit


DestinE Forestry Webinar: Harvester Seasons

With this webinar series Finnish Meteorological Institute and Metsäteho Oy would like to present to you Harvester Seasons, a service for the