What are DestinE’s Digital Twins? 

calendar_month April 11, 2024 visibility 6 views timelapse 1 minute

A digital twin is a replica of a system. The digital twins (DT) of DestinE will replicate different areas of the Earth-system.

The initial high-priority DTs on weather-induced extremes and climate change adaptation are highly accurate replicas of the Earth system simulating the system behaviour at the scales where extreme events happen, and the effects of climate change are felt. They combine several cutting-edge Earth system models and observations together with the most advanced digital technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and are integrated and interoperable with applications for the sectors most affected by climate change and extremes. 

DestinE’s digital twins are a step change for Earth system simulations in terms of quality, impact and interactivity. Developed by ECMWF in cooperation with over 90 institutions from across Europe, the first two digital twins on Climate Change Adaptation and Weather-induced Extremes exploit the latest breakthroughs in weather and climate science, digital technologies, AI and machine learning.