What is the Digital Twin Engine? 

calendar_month April 11, 2024 visibility 13 views timelapse 1 minute

The Digital Twin Engine (DTE) is the software environment behind the digital twins. The DTE manages the complex data flows between the different High Performance Computing systems across Europe, made available by EuroHPC JU, and the cloud computing resources, and particularly the Data Lake and the Core Service Platform.

Among other features, the DTE will enhance data handling, set a framework for the fusion of observations and simulations for running the DT simulations. The DTE also allows the integration of the sectors most impacted by climate change, allowing to tailor the DTs data to the users needs. The DTE is also essential to enabling the porting and optimisation of codes with a focus on interoperability and interactivity. 

The DTE being developed by ECMWF and its partners provides a common system to the present and future digital twins included in DestinE, and allows users to interact with the data.