Usage Assessment Framework– Digital Identity, Traceability & Impact Analysis Services

calendar_month September 6, 2023


The European Space Agency (ESA) has issued this procurement which aims to trace and measure the generated knowledge impact from DestinE associated assets and services in worldwide publicly available policy and academic databases (e.g., EUR-Lex, UN Digital Library, Scopus).

This activity has 3 main objectives that will provide the following key services:

  1. DestinE Digital Identity System Services. Develop a unique digital identification system to track the usage of assets and services, granting clear and visible attribution to DestinE initiative and DestinE Core Service Platform (DESP) attractiveness.
  2. DestinE Traceability and Impact Analysis Services. Develop a multi-level multilingual traceability operation, powered by an automated machine learning approach to trace not only DestinE acknowledgement detection but DestinE relevance to science and policy making decisions.
  3. DestinE Usage Assessment Dashboard Services. Develop a user-friendly dashboard to visualise and manage information about DestinE, collecting summary statistics of Destine usage based on multiple criteria.

The planned procurement is related to the DestinE Core Service Platform (DESP) which will be the entry point for users to DestinE. Through the DESP, users will have access to data available from the DestinE Data Lake that include the output data from the complex simulations generated by the DestinE Digital Twins, as well as users commonly used data.

Organisations are encouraged to submit their proposals for a chance to be involved in this prestigious initiative which supports the European Commission’s progress towards its sustainable development objectives and to contribute to the European Green Deal and EU’s Digital Strategy.

This procurement follows the awarding of the DESP Data Management Services and the DESP Use Cases Round 1 procurement call from ESA.

About the Core Service Platform (DESP) 

The DESP is being developed by ESA and its contractors as the main access point for the Destination Earth system which includes the Data Lake (DEDL) and the Digital Twin Engine and first two Digital Twins. The DESP will provide applications, models, and simulations for expert and non-expert users to obtain accurate, actionable and significant information for policy and decision making in support of the Green and Digital transformation, leveraging applications in the field of climate change, energy, hydrometeorological extremes, wildfires, urbanization, ecosystem monitoring, amongst many others. 

The platform combines generic and user specific services in a user-customisable environment to: 

  • unify access to data generated or collected, referenced by DestinE 
  • provide applications to support development, modelling, analysis, and visualisation 
  • provide tools for carrying out simulations, data retrievals, data transformations 
  • develop and operate own applications and services 
  • share results, data, applications and libraries 

The platform is being developed to be open, interactive, collaborative, performant, evolutive, attractive and extensible. 

More information about the tender 

Please note that the information in this website aims solely to inform interested parties of potential opportunities related to Destination Earth. Full or more accurate information on the requirements, conditions and procedures are to be found in the main procuring agency’s procurement portal

calendar_todayOpening date: 06 Sep 2023
calendar_todayClosing on: 13 Nov 2023
euro 900,000

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