Reference Datasets for DestinE AI

calendar_month September 1, 2023

This activity will integrate scientific, developmental and operational endeavours to amplify the impact of DestinE AI in both science and society.

What’s in store?

  • Creation of AI benchmark datasets to fast-track DestinE AI’s societal influence.
  • Launch of a state-of-the-art service for DestinE Users, focusing on an open, collaborative AI training dataset Hub.
  • A comprehensive curation facility and repository service.
  • A step forward in democratizing AI for all.

The Hub Service will feature:

  1. An open, collaboratory data repository.
  2. An exclusive open-source toolbox tailored for geo-data curation, harmonization, and benchmarking.
  3. A collaborative development environment granting effortless access to shared data and AI models.

The succeeding contractor will work towards fostering a rich ecosystem, promoting widespread open data and software collaboration, harmonisation, and evolution for DestinE AI science, services and applications.

The hub will enhance DestinE user experience, providing educational resources, organising outreach activities and aiming at creating a vibrant DestinE AI community of practice, while building on the foundational services of the DestinE platform ecosystem.

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More information about the tender

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calendar_todayOpening date: 01 Sep 2023
calendar_todayClosing on: 25 Oct 2023
euro 2,000,000

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